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Vignette by Moi!

It’s now my responsibility to decorate the lobby at the interior design firm I work for.  I get to pull pieces from our inventory and play!  This is what I came up with this month.  I love the pale blue and red orange!




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Swedish Is Nice

I saved this article when I was in school at UF (Go Gators!).  These colors really represent my adolescent taste, but now that I look at it I know that is has grown up appeal as well.  I like that the room feels as if it could be telling a story.  It doesn’t look “designed.” It looks like the pieces were “found.”







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Great Bedroom

At my office we receive about every single interior design magazine invented… we keep a library of them dating back to 2001simply to peruse through to find inspiration.  I have a binder of pages that I have secretly ripped out… usually of things I’m attracted to (funky, unique and/or old things) that the firm I work for would never like (seeing as most jobs we have are the typical Florida fresh and beachy look).  Check out this bedroom, I love the bold wall color and reeeeeally love the paisley pillow cover. I scanned the page from the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of Metropolitan Home.

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