About Me

The summer after I graduated from high school… merely 7 years ago… I went up to visit the University of Florida campus (Go Gators!) to register for classes.  The group leader of my orientation told us that we were to choose a major we were interested in… we didn’t have to stick with it but he thought it was a good idea so we could split up and learn about each college.  As I looked down the list, I decided that I wanted to pick one that would be what I considered the most important characteristic – FUN!  I chose interior design and decided to stick with it.

I remember the first day of classes quite well.  I walked into “Architectural Design I” and thought to myself, “Oh this will be such a fun class!”  In walks Professor Luoni.  He says “Alright class, welcome to design, I want you to build three interpretations of a cube out of basswood sticks… oh yeah and they are due on Wednesday.”  This was Monday… I’d never built a model… what was an interpretation of a cube?  The fun major I thought I was getting into turned out to be one of the most difficult ones on campus.  As one of 9 people to finish the class (which started out with 30+), I realized I might have what it’d to get through the 2 years of conceptual architectural classes and pass the pin-up selection process to get into the upper division interior design program.

After graduation I thought I wanted to get a job in commercial design.  Fate steered me otherwise.  A residential firm in Vero Beach, next to my hometown of Sebastian, Florida had just lost 2 of their 4 designers.  I called, had an interview and was hired within a week.  I started 2 weeks after graduation and have been here ever since.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in such a high end firm.  Most of our clients’ taste differ from my own, but it doesn’t make it less fun.  I took the NCIDQ exam and passed all 3 sections the first time (surprised!) so I also obtained my license in the past year.  I feel like there is so much more out there for me to discover, and I can’t wait… I have the normal American desire for instant gratification.  I hope that through self exploration and expression I will figure out what it is that I’m supposed to do with my life.  I love all aspects of design, and every kind of design – gracph  I love finding inspiration in everything… I love those butterflies in my stomach when I see a photo of a room that excites my senses.

On a personal note, I met my husband-to-be two years ago through mutual friends.  He admitted that I was his elementary school crush and the rest is history!  We are engaged to be married May 23, 2009 here in Vero Beach.  We have a lovely house that my dad (a general contractor) built last year.  We also have the cutest pug ever named Chubbs.  I also co-run a photography business with a friend of mine… we specialize in weddings and have a journalistic edge.

So that’s me!  Lets see where the blog takes us.


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