Inspiration Found – Entry One!

Alright so I’ve decided that I love blogging.  This is my 2nd… well 3rd in a way.  I have a wedding planning blog and a photography blog with my friend and photo-partner Chrissy.  This blog shall be different.  I am an interior designer by day, so I’m surrounded by creativity (sometimes)… but what really excites me is inspiration.  It can be found ANYWHERE and in ANYTHING… nature, music, photography, people, a sofa, a ceramic bowl, I mean ANYTHING.  When I see things that stimulate my brain, I get butterflies in my stomach.  That must mean I’m in love with design because I don’t know what else it could be… besides a little psychosis.  I love my life, my fiance, my pug, my house, my town, my family my friends, but I always feel like I’m searching, for what I don’t know!  But I hope I know once I find it.  I have a feeling it stems from my insatiable need for creativity and I think it could be fun to let it all flow out, like little cartoon notes floating out of a saxophone.  So here goes…


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