Random Catalog Time!

I received a random catalog in the mail today – and I love it!  It’s called “Serena & Lily” and it’s all baby bedding, nursery and children bedding collections.  The branding of the company is great… I love how they named each bedding collection a trendy child’s name and then wrote a description about him/her… for example… “Blake radiates magic. Rooms light up when he walks in. He’s into a little bit of everything – baseball, drama, math, government – and has friends from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter what town he’s in, someone always says hi to Blake.” Cheesy but intoxicatingly cute.



Blake Collection


Cameron Collection

untitled-2Hazel Collection


Alex Collection


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I Love Lamp

Well… lanterns really.  I’m not sure what the obsession with lanterns is about, is it because I see them everywhere?  Have I always loved them?


Restoration Hardware – Amalfi Square Lanterns $19 – $129


Pottery Barn – Seaport Lanterns $39 – $99


West Elm – Arched Lanterns $49 – $129

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Cute Office

I came across this picture and thought how cute it would be for my own home office.  Looks like it’d be reasonable to duplicate as well!

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Vignette by Moi!

It’s now my responsibility to decorate the lobby at the interior design firm I work for.  I get to pull pieces from our inventory and play!  This is what I came up with this month.  I love the pale blue and red orange!



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My fiance and I have decided to go to Mexico for our honeymoon…the Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel area.  We decided we would enjoy the culture, the music, the scenery, the nightlife, the history and the weather!  I’m posting some photos of the hotel we’re staying at, I just love it and can’t wait to snap my own photos of it, and the area!


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Swedish Is Nice

I saved this article when I was in school at UF (Go Gators!).  These colors really represent my adolescent taste, but now that I look at it I know that is has grown up appeal as well.  I like that the room feels as if it could be telling a story.  It doesn’t look “designed.” It looks like the pieces were “found.”







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Neat Idea

Scanned this from an old issue of Martha Stewart Living… I never thought of using colored chalkboard paint for message boards, so chic yet functional!


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